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About area42

The group:
A long long time ago in a part of West-Jutland far far away... Back in 1995 when personal computer networks started to become available for the common man/nerd. A small group from HTX (tecnical school) in Esbjerg (DOM, Alter Ego, Skumflum, Sundance, Cow_DK and Marvin) together with some people from �lgod and Esbjerg (The Baptizer, Darkraver, Snowball, Guru, Vlx, Cain, Thorin and the rest of Zap Intelligence) met in different places, when our parents could spare the livingroom, so we could play Command & Conquer, Doom2, Duke Nukeem 3D, etc. After a year or so the two group became one and more people had joined in. Our homes just wasn't big enough any more, and a solution had to be found... The solution was a small school in Strellev and it was there that the group Area42 made its roots. The school was located in bus-zone 42, and because all of us were/are fans of The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy we started calling us Zone42. After a discussion about a year later at a party we changed it to Area42 because it sounded better, and PANiK and Nybroe made the very first homepage for Area42. It were soon abandoned, but it still exists. Today the school have hosted several Area42 parties, among them the big Diablo 2 party. After some time other parties arose, and we just had to attend them. Especially RDS in �lgod and CompuClub in Esbjerg witch also were arranged by some of our friends. Pictures from various Netparties Area42 has attented

The Movies:
At the first parties at the school and RDS it became tradition for either Cow_DK or The Baptizer to bring a video camera to film the events. The editing afterwards were made by The Baptizer, so the best clips could be digitalized. At a party DOM, Marvin and Cow_DK made the very first Area42 movie "Hjortegeden og Sm�lfen" it have never been officially released, and the people that have seen it understand why... ;-) After this The Baptizer and Bubber made Hinb�rstjerne Morderen 1" & "Hinb�rstjerne Morderen 2, witch were filmed at RDS 8 & 9. The first movie that wasn't made at a party was "Computer Rage" by The Baptizer, Insane Clown and Kirhavi. But it wasn't until RDS 9 where The Baptizer "accidentally" filmed Bubber with a rubber chicken on his head, that something happened. When The Baptizer looked through the raw material an idea for some funny clips appeared, if just a few scenes were added. He called Bubber and a couple of days later further shoots were made, but the project grew bigger and at the end it was a tiny movie. After a couple of weeks on the editing board the first real Area42 movie was made, "Kyllinge Jens". When we were allowed to show the movie at a wilddemo competition at CompuClub's party, the people who saw it actually thought it was funny and we went on to win the contest.

After that we just had to make more movies, and the rest is history...

Alter ego
The Baptizer
Shere Khan