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10 reasons you play too much Return to Castle Wolfenstein
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10 reasons you play too much
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Since we formed our own little Return to Castle Wolfenstein clan in february this year, we have started to play way too much Wolfenstein! That's diffenetly not healthy, witch manifest itself in different wierd situations during a normal day, when you are not playing RtCW. Now you are probaly wondering "How do I know if I have been playing too much RtCW!?". But fear not, Area42 have in the past sommer been filming and documenting the worst of these weird happenings. Watch for yourself and find out if YOU too are a wolf'o'maniac! Credits: Editing: The Baptizer Cast: #1 Vocabulary Dog walker - The Baptizer Dog - Buddi Bystander #1 - Insane Clown By stander #2 - Coma #2 Old Bunker Lieutenant - Merlin Soldier - Insane Clown Enginer - The Baptizer #3 Flagpole Flag raiser - Shere Khan #4 When Bored Bored Medic - The Baptizer Lieutenant - Insane Clown #5 Vote Kick Annoying person - D.O.M. Movie watcher#1 - The Baptizer Movie watcher#2 - TBW Movie watcher#3 - Insane Clown Movie watcher#4 - Shere-Khan #6 Airstrike Paranoid person - Sundance #7 Medic Driver Medic Driver - Sundance Victim#1 - Merlin Victim#2 - The Baptizer #8 Clan Toilet Toilet visitor - The Baptizer Lieutenant - D.O.M. Enginer - Shere-Khan Movie watcher#1 - TBW Movie watcher#2 - Insane Clown #9 Manhole Soldier - Insane Clown Medic - The Baptizer Lieutenant - Marvin #10 Radar Tower Enginer - Insane Clown Lieutenant - The Baptizer Special Effects: The Baptizer Camera: D.O.M. Marvin Sundance Insane Clown The Baptizer Props & Clothing: Insane Clown TBW Merlin Judas Music: sYnCHAoZ - Doomwatcher Return to Castle Wolfenstein Theme Ideas: The Baptizer TBW Insane Clown Voice over: The Baptizer Running time: 8min 37sec Release date: Oktober at Connect#14